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Jesus, the secret of success

April Rowden - is an ICFM-ordained, licensed minister, who also studied theology at Life Christian University. Her sensitivity to the spiritual realm has led April on a supernatural journey, right to the face of Jesus, who personally invited her to join His Kingdom, and delivered her from many demons.

April and her husband, Johnnie, live in central Missouri where they are active ministers on their church ministry team. She is a teacher of the word, a seer, and an intercessory pray­-er. She enjoys traveling, teaching the Word of God, working on art projects, and spending time with family.



April L. Rowden



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Walking In Realms

April didn’t always know God, but she was no stranger to the paranormal.

Living in a dysfunctional home had led April on a quest to gain power and control in her life. Dabbling in witchcraft and astrology, she found that things can get a little crazy when you are sensitive to the Supernatural. Crazy enough to make you wonder if you really are crazy.

One weapon —and the prayers of her mother—had saved April from the many battles where demons had tried to overtake her. But the day came when April stopped fighting and discovered that the one weapon she’d had—and had given up on—was the power in the Blood of Jesus. This was the one weapon she would need on her journey into the spiritual realms; from being tormented by demons to arriving at the face of Jesus.

why should you buy

Why you should buy?

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An Audiobook is a great choice for those who are on the go. Stream from any web browser or download to listen to off line.
For the person who loves to have the feel of a real book in thier hands. Walking In Realms is a 9"x6" 110 page book.
Love the convience of an ebook. We have you covered. Readon on your kindel device, cell phone, laptop or computer.
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